JAPAN - Companies encouraging teleworking to prevent spread of coronavirus (JAPAN NEWS)

Posted 6th February 2020 • Written by staffingindustry.com •

More and more companies in Japan are encouraging employees to do telework, working from home or another off-site location, and stagger their working hours in an effort to prevent infections of a new type of coronavirus, reports the Japan Times. For example, Japanese staffing firm Pasona is encouraging pregnant employees and those above 50 to work remotely as well as allowing workers to arrive earlier or later than usual to avoid rush hour traffic. While the company normally holds interviews at its office, it will allow the use of video calls for such interviews by the end of February. “The infection has been spreading faster than expected. We would like to reduce the risk by eliminating human contact as much as possible,” a Pasona official said. Meanwhile internet service company GMO Internet Inc. has allowed about 90% of its domestic workforce to work remotely since late January. Other companies have suspended travel to China altogether.

Source: staffingindustry.com